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Overview Of 3D Printing West Midlands

If you are looking for 3D CAD drawing/ presentations or 3D printing parts/ prototypes prior to production we are the people to come too.

3D Printing allows for the design and print of more complex parts than the traditional manufacturing processes, this means prototypes can be produced far quicker and at a reduced cost.

This in turn gives you the manufacturing and design flexibility at almost no additional cost and fine tune your products in a matter of hours not weeks/months. Designing and 3D Printing your parts is what we do !!

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Woodhall Products 3d Printing Example
Woodhall Products 3d Printing Example
Woodhall Products 3d Printing Example
Woodhall Products 3d Printing Example
Woodhall Products 3d Printing Example
Woodhall Products 3d Printing Example

Our Capability

Specialist Areas

  • Engineering, Medical
  • MOD
  • Art Sector
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Comic Con
  • Motor Ind
  • Food & Beverage Ind
  • Replacement Parts ect

Small or Large Format 3D Printing

We have many different types of 3D printers small and large.
Our range comprises of Makerbot Printers, Form Labs,
Mark Forge, and extreme builders. This therefore gives us a wide range in
which to make sure your parts are printed using the right printer and method

Rapid Design and Product Development

The production of designs are getting more efficient, thanks to the accessibility and speed of 3D printing.

We can create small batches of new designs quickly, test them, and adjust accordingly.

This is without wasting valuable time and money in larger – scale tests.

Flexible CAD Design

From simple Models to complex assembly presentations, our CAD Team are able to take any 2d concept drawing and turn it into a 3d model for prototyping and printing.

Assemblies can even be animated to show off what the final design can be prior to 3d Printing.

3D Printed Art

Additive manufacturing is a art form in its self.

The 3D printing format is making possible printing of sculptures and retro models etc, this allows us to scale or customize its size to suit you’re applications or requirements.

3D Printing Multiple or Single Parts

We have a wide variety of Printers that suit what ever your needs are.

Whether it is just one part needed or multiple/ batch production, our capabilities cover all applications.

More than one prototype may be needed for performing functional tests
and bring products to market more quickly, this is why printing multiple parts together saves time and money.

West Midlands 3D Printed Pattern
West Midlands 3D Printed Statue
West Midlands 3D Printed Rocket

Flexible Design, Rapid Prototyping,
Large Format 3D Printing, Infinite Possibilities !!!

3D Printing Materials and features


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a well known Thermoplastic used in everyday applications.


This is a high quality Material made from 2 different fibres.
These together makes the filament stronger and very resilient.


Polylactic Acid is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources.


Stereolithography is the ability to produce accurate, isotropic, and watertight prototypes and parts in a range of advanced resin materials.

Our 3D Printing capability also is used to produce low volume, customized end use parts. This offers great flexibility enabling business to run small batch of parts without the risk involved of manufacturing a larger batch. There’s also scope for printing on the spot and creating functional products or prototypes for next day use.

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA), by default we treat all customers projects and models very confidentially and only are shared with authorised involved parties.

Our new Large format 3D Printer is increasingly very popular for over sized applications such as large engineering jigs, Art Sculptures, scaled up product display, film / TV props, Super sized models.

The opportunities are truly limitless. Our specialists in large format prints will review your requirements and will advise you on the best method going forward.

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